Make a website – Send the content for your website

2Step Two: Send the content for your website.

Simply by completing and sending to me the following form, I will customize your website with the information.

Please fill all fields from following form in order to receive a full website. Anyway after I install the software you can modify and/or change all content, if you want.


After you have registered your domain name and select your web hosting company you must complete the form below with your info:

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First page/Home
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Basic information about the site: Who, What, Where, Why.

Second page/Products/Services - People want to know what you sell/do and how much it costs before they contact you.
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Third page/About - Something personal about you/your company.

Contact - Where clients can reach you. Telephone, address, email, working hours, maybe a map and some indications to working point.

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After you send this form and I receive the confirmation of payment, in max. 48 hours your very own website will be on-line. After the website will be on-line you will receive the access to Administration Panel so you will be free to change and develop your website anyway you want.

If the previous form doesn’t work, please provide/send all the information/attachments requested by the form to my

I will confirm the receiving of mail.

Next Step : 3/3 Payment !