Make a Website in 3 easy steps

How to make a website quick and easy in 3 simple steps:

STEP 1 : You must register a domain name and buy a web host from tested providers. You are free to choose between the recommended providers that are tested by me and are among the best on the market. Buying from these providers now ensures you that right now the website is born healthy and will run smoothly. If you want, I can make this step for you. Go to STEP 1 !

STEP 2 : Send me the information for your website, simply by filling this form or by sending the information by mail (you can make changes later, whenever you like).

STEP 3 : Pay $199 today only $99 and your own customized site will be on-line in max. 48 hours.

No hidden fees, one time payment for setting up your own website.

(amounts will be send securely to my PayPal account, so only your email will be known by me)

Let’s Work together and your great website will be on-line in a few hours.

After I receive the form or mail with all information for your website and the payment confirmation, in max. 48 hours:

  • I will install for you a very flexible and user friendly software and make all settings in order to start your presence on the internet (blog, website or both).
  • I will install one free simple theme at your request and indication. You can change it later if you want.
  • I will personalize the website with your texts and images for a unique presence.
  • I will design for you one personalized logo and one image for header of your website.
  • For Standard package I will provide basic design and customization. If your project requires more complex work we will negotiate the terms and conditions.

START your website now and stand out from your competitors !

Attract your customers and build your audience!  Go to STEP 1 !